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Established in 2016, Jinan Moland Environmental Tech Co., Ltd. is located in No. 11889 Jingshixi Road, Jinan Economic Development Zone. It is an environmental protection technology enterprise specializing in research, development, manufacture and sale of efficient smoke purification system. The company is committed to reducing the environmental impact of production process, protecting workers from harmful gases and dust, and creating a cleaner working environment. At present, the company′s products have been successfully applied in automobile, railway, construction machinery, marine engineering, aviation and other mechanical processing industries, as well as new materials, grain, wood, recycled resources processing and other industries. The company has passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification, obtained the certification certificate of China Environmental Protection Products issued by China Environmental Protection Industry Association, and CE certification of EU. It also has a number of invention patents, utility model patents and appearance patents. Through continuous R&D and innovation, many products of the company have reached the international leading level. Moland′s environmental services cover the whole process from project design, product manufacturing to installation, commissioning and after-sales service. We will provide you with the most professional governance program and the best quality service.
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  • Portable Filter Extractor for CO2 Shielded Arc Welding

    Portable Filter Extractor for CO2 Shielded Arc Welding

    MLWF series movable welding fume purifier is an economical and efficient product for cleaning and dedusting. The basic structure of the equipment consists of the box, fan, filter element, suction arm,
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  • Cartridge Filter Type Dust Collector

    Cartridge Filter Type Dust Collector

    Automatic cleaning welding fume extractor with one arms Use for purification of the smoke and dust during the welding, polishing, cutting, grinding process and the recycling of rare metals
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  • Welding Dust Collector Laser Cutting Fume Extractor

    Welding Dust Collector Laser Cutting Fume Extractor

    During laser cutting and engraving processes, the laser beam develops high-heat causing the material to vaporize into hazardous air contaminants. These contaminants can pose serious health risks with
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  • Plasma Laser Cutting and Surfacing Central Dust Collector

    Plasma Laser Cutting and Surfacing Central Dust Collector

    Industrial Dust Collector for Laser and Plasma Cutter Fume Extractor Part 1: dust collector for plasma cutting application Plasma cutting is different from Welding or laser cutting
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  • Scope of application: The welding workshop, the size of welding workpiece is uncertain, the welding position is not fixed, and there are many welding methods; Working principle: The principle of the whole ventilation displacement dust removal system The integral ventilation displacement dust removal is to use the characteristics of welding fume suspended above 4-8 meters due to thermal rise and gravity. The suction pipe is installed on the column about 4-5 meters high on one side of the workshop. Two layers of air suction outlets are set on the pipeline. The wind power of the dust collector is used to effectively collect the dust floating on the upper part of the workshop. The air outlet is set on the dust removal pipe on the other side of the workshop, and the qualified air discharged by the dust collector is used as the air supply to speed up the air flow and make the welding dust flow to the suction outlet. The centralized blowing and suction dust removal system in welding workshop is composed of dust collecting cover, pipeline, main engine, fan and smoke exhaust pipe. During operation, the suction generated by the fan will collect the workshop dust to the pipeline system through the dust collecting cover, and then the dust will be transported to the host machine for filtration and purification through the pipeline. The purified air will be directly discharged into the outdoor high altitude, which can reduce the damage to the surrounding air environment Because the dust air does not participate in the indoor air circulation, it can significantly improve the air quality in the workshop and reduce the interference of smoke and dust on human health. The number of filter elements placed in the main machine of the welding blow suction dust collector in the workshop is determined in advance according to the amount of smoke and dust calculated according to the number of stations in the whole workshop. The required number of filter elements can be obtained by dividing the required total effective filtering area by the filtering area of a single filter element. In order to achieve the ideal dust removal and purification effect, the pipeline for transporting smoke and dust should avoid the traffic lane, reduce the elbow and reduce the wind resistance as far as possible. Scope of application: dust cleaning equipment for welding workshop, which can be used for multi station welding dust treatment, laser cutting, flame plasma cutting dust removal and grinding dust, such as grinding iron chips, stone, furniture dust, etc.
  • The gas collecting hood is a device to control the dust laden airflow and collect dust. It is an important part of the local ventilation and dust removal system. The function of the gas collecting hood is to collect the smoke and dust emitted from the dust source and lead it into the purification system to prevent it from spreading to the production workshop and the atmosphere and causing pollution. If the form and location are selected reasonably, the better dust removal effect can be obtained by using small exhaust air volume. Due to the different production process conditions and operation modes, the gas collecting hood can be divided into various forms. The proper design of the integrated cover directly affects the dust collection effect of the dust collector. The air collecting and dust collecting hood is a device for controlling dust laden air flow and collecting dust. 1. Electric rotating dust collecting hood Manual welding station is relatively centralized, using one machine multi station mode. Considering the convenience of lifting the workpiece, the rotary dust collecting cover is used to collect dust. The cantilever can swing freely around the fixed column and hover in the range of 180 ° under the action of swing angle motor. In this system, the swing angle mechanism adopts gear meshing mode to transmit swing angle power, which has the advantages of high transmission efficiency, stable operation and long service life. 2. Pneumatic translation dust hood [1] Robot welding dust removal system Welding will produce a large number of smoke and gas rising characteristics, in the upper part of the welding workers set dust cover, using the negative pressure generated by the fan to collect the smoke gas into the air duct, and then use the smoke purification device to purify and discharge up to standard. The dust collecting mechanism of translational top suction dust collecting cover can extend and retract horizontally driven by driving cylinder. 3. Fixed dust hood The top suction hood is suitable for welding dust removal with fixed welding station. The shape of the top suction hood is quadrangle platform, and the included angle between each side and the ground is not less than 45 degrees. In order to avoid the interference of transverse air flow, arc curtain can be hung on the side of the suction hood. Workers can weld freely within the scope covered by the hood, and the smoke and dust generated can be captured and purified smoothly! 4. Manually rotate the dust hood Compared with the electric rotating cover and the pneumatic translation cover, the manual rotating cover has lower cost and lower cost, which not only does not delay the traveling crane to get up and down the workpiece, but also reduces the air volume and investment.
  • Welding and grinding will inevitably produce harmful smoke and dust, especially in the workshop with poor ventilation, a large amount of smoke and dust will bring great harm to human body. In addition, dust rich in metal particles, attached to the workshop machinery, will also affect the operation of the machine, and in serious cases may cause fire and explosion accidents. Therefore, under the circumstance that the country pays more attention to environmental protection, it is not only the compulsory requirement of environmental protection department to equip welding fume purifier for factories, but for the perspective of long-term development, it is imperative to equip welding fume purifier with strong adaptability! Central welding fume purifier It is suitable for relatively large workpieces, relatively fixed positions, large amount of smoke and dust, and multi station welding conditions. Compared with the mobile type, the central welding fume purifier is more suitable for the purification of large workshop dust. It is equipped with a host system, which is collected through the pipeline and processed by the purification system. The dust removal efficiency is much higher than that of the mobile welding fume purifier. The installed suction hood is suitable It is used for large area operation station, and can be customized according to the operation situation of the workshop. How to choose a good quality dust collector Dust purifiers on the market are mixed. How to select a stable and effective dust purifier with good purification effect? 1. Look at the strength of manufacturers, don't be attracted by low prices. When the price of the equipment with the same configuration is greatly different, judge whether the lower price has exaggerated its performance. Many low-cost purifiers purchased back, the initial effect is obvious, but in a very short period of time frequent failures or dust removal performance weakened, or even can not absorb smoke. If we repeatedly seek after-sales service from manufacturers, on the one hand, it is time-consuming and labor-consuming; on the other hand, it will delay production and even affect the progress of EIA testing. 2. See if the dust removal equipment meets the relevant national certification. Considering the product performance, quality and other issues, the qualified dust purifier should meet the national certification and be equipped with relevant marks
  • On November 13, 2020, Meilan's family will travel together to climb Mount Tai. I come to Mount Tai to pray for my family and myself. I wish you all peace, health and happiness. Mount Tai is the symbol of the Chinese nation, the epitome of the splendid oriental culture, the place where the thought of "harmony of man and nature" is reposed, and the home of the spirit of the Chinese nation. Beautiful Moland's family, in Mount Tai is also a touch of scenery, handsome men and women. The sea of clouds, the rime in winter, the precipitous eighteen plates You can't see the beauty of Mount Tai at a glance. You can only feel its aura and its story when you approach it. Mount Tai has the magical artistic conception of "being able to climb the top of the mountain and see all the small mountains". Occasionally you can see the "bearers" carrying goods up the mountain, firm faith and brave climbing. After Shiba Pan, he climbed the 3328 steps and finally reached the South Gate of heaven. He relied on his firm belief and perseverance in climbing to the top of the mountain. In order to promote the work exchange among departments and strengthen the sense of team cooperation, Meilan environmental protection organized a mountain climbing activity on November 13. This trip to Mount Tai aims at climbing the top of the mountain, breaking through the self and melting the team. It not only gets close to the nature, but also enhances the team cohesion. It also has the beautiful implication of climbing the peak bravely and looking forward to the bright future. With laughter and laughter, the team arrived at the foot of Mount Tai, and all of them marched to the top of Mount Tai in an organized way. The first step to the summit is not only the first step to break through Mount Tai, but also the first step for the company to embark on a new starting point and start a new development! As the so-called "will be the top of the mountain, a view of the small mountains" Moland will become a leading enterprise of industrial dust purification and make unremitting efforts to climb the peak! Walking on the endless mountain stone steps, with the gradual ruggedness of the road, we felt the hardships of the trek. Looking up at the top of the mountain, the scenery was picturesque. Finally, all the management staff encouraged each other, supported each other, broke down the small goals, and finally reached the summit that we had been expecting for a long time. After four years of hard work and four years of hand in hand, at a new starting point of history, Meilan environmental protection continues to explore and innovate, forge ahead with determination, with full posture, full of energy, concentrate, down-to-earth, do not forget the original intention, forge ahead!
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